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Helen Parry Dilday, CC, CHt

Helen has been a Certified Hypnotherapist for 11 years, provides hypnosis for human achievement, motivation, health and wellness. Hypnotherapy is 100% natural.

Specialized techniques of guided visualization are designed to promote healing in areas of your life and to facilitate healing and successful accomplishment of your therapeutic goals.

Applications, such as:
Reduction or elimination of pain
Preparation for surgery
Letting go of sugar
Reduction of fears and phobias
Increased motivation
Improve Sport performance
Better Golf
Improved grades/testing
Back behind the wheel

Hypnotherapy is very successful as an adjunct to medical treatment, it is not the practice of medicine or psychology. With any ailment or complaint you should see your healthcare provider for treatment first.

In our first meeting we will complete a comprehensive evaluation so that we can get a clear picture of your unique history, life experiences, and current concerns. With this, we will create a plan to achieve your goals.

Helen has spent the past 11 years offering counseling services for self-improvement of individuals as well as groups(WA State Department of Health # CL 60151039.) Helen designs, develops and trains professionals in many areas.

1 hour - $70
Session Package 3 - 1 hour sessions $180, save $30
Session Package 5 - 1 hour sessions $250, save $100
Session Packages are transferable.
We also offer attractive gift certificates.
Not paneled with insurance companies.
Auto Insurance may pay depending on problem.

Helen can be reached at [email protected]
To schedule an appointment call her consultation line (425) 259 5932 or her clinic (425) 348-5207.

To register for one of Helen's hypnosis classes with City of Everett Parks and Recreation Depart. go to our "Helpful Links" page.
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