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JuicePlus+ Orchard and Garden Blend (caps or Chewables) - $60 each (a two month supply)

JuicePlus+ Vineyard Blend (caps or Chewables) - $65 (a two month supply)

Recent research done on fruit flies indicates that polyphenols have an important influence on longevity.

That is nice. What is much nicer is that recent research on JuicePlus+ indicates that it supplies these polyphenols and they are both absorbed and assimilated into your body.

If you haven’t started taking JuicePlus+ yet, why not? If you are ready, contact us at the office and we can help you get started (425-348-5207).


Use this link to learn more: https://doctordilday.wordpress.com/2018/06/01/new-words-in-nutrition-polyphenols/

Here is Dr. Clark sharing more...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QgnPBZk7UU

Here JP+ is compared to miracle, you decide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHGnIQwmbjk&t=9s

JuicePlus+ Complete - protein meal replacement powder - $35

These are retail prices, of course, and depend on current stock. Ask about Preferred Customer pricing by calling (425) 348-5207.

Backtivators - Alert!! We no longer offer Backtivators. Most of them won't hold air any more so we don't buy them. We do recommend the FitBall Seating Disc as an alternative, depending on a few factors. FitBall has a website you can Google... I can't offer you a better price.

Exercise balls - $43-$50 depending on size; (Search "The Miracle Cure" post on our Blog for details on using the physio-ball.) We will size them and inflate them to the proper level for you!

We only offer the professional-grade Versaball and Versaball Pro.

Tempur-Pedic products (including mattresses!!)

Biofreeze 4 oz. tubes, spray or jel - Only $13 (plus Tax)